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Will Restored

12/08/2008 17:33
Hallo everbody! (don't answer) Good news. I've completely fixed up Upon Blades and I've enhanced it even further. But I want it better again. So very soon, I'm going to create a new version. If anyone has downloaded the current version, tell me and I'll create an FAQ on how to transfer your save...


17/07/2008 11:36
Here's some codes.   Cheats:   10,000 Coins- coinpwn Super Speed- voodoo Infinite Ammo- crazeh Infinite Rage- gibsSG Infinite Life- cas Everything Unlocked- crazyashell  


17/07/2008 11:04
Great. Upon Blades has been deleted somehow and I've broken both my wrists. I still have a backup of Upon Blades and the storyline length is the same, but there's some problems with it. If people start to come to this site I'll fix it. If not, where's the point? Lou - Site Admin PS. My laptop isn't...

First blog

15/07/2008 15:53
Our new blog has been launched today. Stay focused on it and we will try to keep you informed. You can read new posts on this blog via the RSS feed.

Website launched

15/07/2008 15:53
Our new website has been launched today. There will be more effort put into this site than the others. My laptop is broke right now but I've backed up my important stuff such as Upon Blades onto a SD card. As soon as it's fixed, I'll be creating things again and I'll release a demo of Upon...

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