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So about us...... Well I don't know what to put here, but I'll work on it later.

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History of project

Ah, now this is easier. Well I started of Power as a story in 2005 then I scraped it. That's because I found a program to create games with. I messed about with it, and the result was nuff. About a year later I created a forum. The first and longest 'serving' member of the site and my other ones was 'Yin666' He gave me ideas on what to do with the website. He suggested hacking a game, then I remembered about the program. I told him that we could start our own game, and he agreed to do it. I worked on the game every day and then it was time for the first demo release. Now THAT was a nightmare. Yin and another member called Dragonstone rocks (who then changed his name to Aidsta) tested it for me and it didn't work. So for about 1/2 a year we worked on fixing it. After a while I finally got it working. It was short and full of glitches, but it worked, that was the main thing. By that time, we had about 50 'members'. But only about 5 active members. They where Yin, Aidsta, Per (who's my sister) and 2 of my real life friends 'Mes' and 'CJ'.  We started a dice game topic which was fun for a while then got boring. Shortly after Aidsta dissapeared. It was then I thought we needed a proper website. So I hunted for a good host and I found Freewebs. I thought it was great until I got into it more and tehn I found ut there was a limit to the amount of pages. Damn. So I searched again and found Spruz. I made a new site called power.spruz.net (which is still accessible. Actually coming to think of it I think the first forum site is still accesible. www.powerthegame.niceboard.com) which had better facilities and could have flash games. We had 6 members (including me) but gradully gained more. Well, they didn't register but they where active. Then no one went on the site. I left it there since I had other things to do. Now we come to today. I decided to revive everything once more, so could you please help me keep this site running. Thanks for reading this crap.

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Errr... I think I'll put a member a week or a month or something here. I badly need suggestions people!

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