Will Restored

12/08/2008 17:33

Hallo everbody! (don't answer) Good news. I've completely fixed up Upon Blades and I've enhanced it even further. But I want it better again. So very soon, I'm going to create a new version. If anyone has downloaded the current version, tell me and I'll create an FAQ on how to transfer your save games. But I also have bad news. Power The Game has been lost and I have NO copies whatsoever of it, and Upon Blades is a continuation of the story. So if anyone has a copy of it, PLEASE tell me. Oh, I almost forgot, we now have 2 proper domain names which are www.uponblades.tk (use this one) and if that don't work, power-uponblades.tk is also one of them. I got an email system also so if anyone wants an email here then ask. Mines is lou@uponblades.tk. You need to have an existing email address though. Well I guess that's all for now,

   See Ya,

          Lou- Site Admin


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